Purevision™ – Low Iron, Color Pure

Optimized for Interiors

PUREVISION™ low-iron glass offers striking color accuracy and a highly attractive Icelandic blue edge. Its nearly colorless appearance and enhanced light transmittance heighten the aesthetic of any application, including bathrooms, railings, saunas, and more.

Create pleasing, functional designs with PUREVISION's enhanced natural color rendering, color neutrality, and Icelandic blue edging – the optimal solution for furniture, display cases, partitions and more.

Comparison between Standard clear float and LUXCLEAR Protect

Protect Your Design

When combined with LUXCLEAR® Protect anti-corrosion coating from AGC Glass, PUREVISION glass maintains its compelling crystal clarity despite corrosive atmospheres.

For showers, baths, saunas, and other interior applications that are exposed to heat, water, and humidity, LUXCLEAR Protect ensures lasting protection for the life of the product – AGC’s limited lifetime warranty guarantee.

Comparison between Standard clear float and LUXCLEAR Protect

Ensure the lasting clarity of AGC’s PUREVISION glass with LUXCLEAR Protect anti-corrosion coating. Protect against unsightly corrosion from water, heat, and high humidity to maintain the striking elegance of your PUREVISION glass.


Interior residential bath with Purevision glass and LUXCLEAR

Benefits of PUREVISION for interior applications:

  • Compatible with LUXCLEAR® Protect anti-corrosion coating for sealed, protected glass surfaces that remain clear despite corrosive effects of high heat and humidity.
  • Increased light transmission of 91% at 3-6mm lets more daylight in, allowing interiors to profit from the health and aesthetic benefits of natural light
  • Proprietary low-iron formula delivers a more attractive Icelandic blue glass edge
  • Remains color neutral at any thickness to maintain design cohesion
  • Provides a higher level of color rendering accuracy for a more natural appearance
  • Can be cut, bent, etched, laminated, and coated to your specifications for furniture, appliances, shelving, shower, and other interior design applications

Interior applications:

  • Showers
  • Furniture
  • Shelving
  • Surfaces