Thompson Hotel

Light, luxury and high-end comfort at the Thompson Hotel

Glass Application: Commercial
Architect: Hastings Architecture AssociatesLLC
Glass Manufacturer: AGC Glass Company North America
Fabricator: Insulite Glass
Glazing Contractor: Pitman Glass
Location: Nashville, TN

The luxury Thompson Hotel in Nashville, TN, designed by the local firm, Hastings Architecture, presents a unique profile. The curved skyscraper features 60,000 square feet of high-performing solar control low-emissivity glass, ENERGY Select ® 28 and ENERGY Select ® 40. Each of these products provides exceptional solar blocking performance – important in cities like Nashville where air conditioning costs are a primary concern.

“We chose to work with AGC glass because it provided us with superior performance and design, all-in-one” – Spaulding

ENERGY Select ® 28 has 62% visible light transmission with a neutral appearance and low reflectivity. The glass forms a clear anodized curtain wall inside the hotel. ENERGY Select ® 40 lines the Thompson’s adjacent Marsh House restaurant and is set in bronze framing. It has 69% visible light transmission, provides outstanding levels of daylight and maximizes air conditioning efficiency. Additionally, hotel guest rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows.

These ENERGY Select ® products were selected for their performance capabilities and to meet the Thompson’s stringent energy requirements. Not only was the glass able to ensure guests’ comfort, but it also fit the specific aesthetic desired by the design team: AGC originally developed the range to help architects meet the regulatory challenges of individual projects, while also realizing their own aesthetic vision. Additionally, hotel guest rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows. As the world’s largest glass manufacturer with the widest range of products, AGC can provide whole-building solutions to suit any climate or condition.

“The color rendition of the glass, in concert with its low reflectivity and consistency, made these products a perfect fit for the hotel’s spaces.” – Spaulding