The Sheffield

The Sheffield

The Sheffield Group Company Headquarters

Glass Type: Stopray®
Glass Application: Commercial
Glass Manufacturer: AGC Glass Company North America
Fabricator: Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions
Glazing Contractor: Sunbelt Glass Inc.
Location: Hoover, AL

The Sheffield Group, a workers’ compensation provider located in Hoover, Alabama, needed a new headquarters building, its goal being the unification of all employees in six departments, who were currently spread across two buildings. It was also imperative that this structure enhance employees’ wellbeing.

The building has large expanses of glass to provide natural light and views of the surrounding lakes,” says Mann.

With an increased focus on natural light, good health, and employee comfort, glass was the perfect material to serve as a focal point in the design of the new structure. Approximately 8,000 square feet of AGC Glass North America Stopray® Vision 50T were used across the 40,000 square-foot building.

“The design incorporates a low-tint, neutral color glass which limits the amount of visible light transmittance, reduces glare in the offices, and creates a healthy, dynamic work environment,” says Mann.

Glass also played an important role in the building’s symbolism. Because the company is owned and operated by three generations of the same family, TURNERBATSON selected a material palette to reflect different elements of their story: past, present and future.

“We approached the project as a legacy building that represents the multigenerational family through the use of different materials ,” Mann says. “For example, the grey granite represents the company’s founder and signifies permanence, while the glazing and metal panels represent the youngest generation and their forward-thinking aspirations.”

Stopray Vision 50T is part of the AGC global product portfolio manufactured by the world’s largest glass manufacturer. It is a double-silver, low-emissivity coated glass product designed for energy-efficient commercial buildings in climate regions that demand high performance in solar control and thermal insulation. It has a very neutral blue-grey aesthetic and soft reflectance of 20%, providing greater indoor comfort and energy savings.

“AGC Glass North America provided a product that met our functional and aesthetic needs while also hitting a great price point,” Mann adds.