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Exteriors, interiors, commercial applications, or residential, the AGC portfolio of high-quality glass products is second to none. Explore a universe of AGC glass today and let yourself be inspired by what’s possible with brilliant glass products – manufactured with pride and perfection by AGC.

Insulating Glass

Insulating, V-Groove

V-groove glass designs are engraved into the surface of the glass creating a beautiful decorative accent for your doors and windows. V-grooving is available in annealed or tempered, monolithic and insulating glass units.

In-Glass options

In-glass options include window grids (muntin bars) in a variety of sizes, finishes and style and interior blinds. These options provide both function and aesthetic value to residential windows, entrance doors, patio doors, skylights and transoms.

Insulating glass

Insulating glass assemblies are sealed units composed of two or three panes of glass which, having been assembled and sealed in the factory, are separated by a closed hermetic space containing air or an insulating glass. The main benefit of insulating glass assemblies is thermal insulation. More functions can be added by replacing one of the glass components: enhanced thermal insulation, solar control, acoustic insulation, safety and decoration.


The key function of insulating glass is thermal insulation. However, safety, impact resistance and sound control characteristics may be achieved by using a laminated glass on one or more panes of an insulating glass unit.


AGC Residential Fabrication provides a complete range of residential insulating glass, including units that are made using tempered glass for safety glazing applications.

Insulating, warm-edge

As requirements for Energy Star rated windows continue to change, the need to improve the performance of every part of the window becomes ever more critical. AGC broad product line allows us to provide customized energy performance for manufacturers in every region of North America, based on the DOE's ENERGY STAR® guidelines.

High-performance low-e coated glass designed specifically for the architectural market. This spectrally selective glazing allows you to customize the solar heat gain, insulating value, and visible light transmission levels while maintaining your design vision.

The Comfort Select family of residential low-emissivity coated glass products is part of the AGC global technology platform, backed by a history of real world applications.

Well-known as a top-class solar glazing globally, the Stopray range of soft coatings is designed for energy efficient commercial buildings in climate regions that demand high performance in solar control and thermal insulation, combined with a neutral aesthetic.

Stopsol is the most famous coated glass in the world – a brand recognized for its stunning aesthetics due to its combination of brilliant coatings and extended range of colored glass.

AGC’s exclusive Solarshield product family offers high-quality tinted products for the commercial and residential markets, as well as the automotive sector. Available in an array of beautiful colors, these tinted glass solutions create an attractive exterior appearance while increasing air conditioning efficiency and comfort, reducing glare, and offering unobstructed views. Made using the float process, Solarshield tinted solutions offer perfectly flat, parallel surfaces and lend themselves to many processing options including single glazing, insulating glazing, tempering, and enameling.