Residential Glass Products from AGC

Residential Glass Products from AGC

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Residential Exterior Glass

As the only manufacturer of both sputter-coated (soft-coat) and pyrolytic (hard-coat) glass, AGC is the only single-source provider of the complete range of low-e glass technology to meet the demands of North American residential construction. Today, the powerful combination of both low-e technologies is beautifully illustrated with our U4-4th surface technology, allowing residential architects and window manufacturers to achieve the enhanced energy performance of a triple-pane IGU in a traditional dual-pane IGU.

AGC is also unique in our ability to supplement residential window and door manufacturers’ fabrication requirements, including custom sizes and tempering, to providing finished IGUs, with your choice of spacers. To learn more about these services, contact your AGC Representative today.

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Residential Interior Glass

AGC offers residential architects and interior designers the most complete range of interior glass products for virtually every interior surface and application. Here you can explore stunningly beautiful decorative glass, including patterned, painted, and acid-etched. Additionally, you can find our specialty glass, including anti-corrosion glass for shower, pool, and sauna applications. With the widest variety of colors, textures, and performance capabilities, designing with AGC Interior Residential Glass, the possibilities are limitless for creating truly visionary, unique, functional, and enduring homes.

If you’re beginning the interior design of your residential project, contact your architectural representative to ensure you have our latest product sample kit. Your rep is an excellent consultative resource to help ensure you meet your meet your vision and to achieve the performance criteria your project demands.

Or, if you’re an OEM interested in incorporating our glass in your products, contact your AGC representative today.

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The most transparent low-iron glass available today – delivering remarkable clarity and a virtually colorless appearance. With a visible light transmission of 92%, Clearvision floods interior spaces with light and provides outstanding visibility for a range of applications.

U4 - 4th Surface Technology is a true game-changer for your insulating glass windows. With U4, you can improve your total window U-value performance by 0.04 or more without changing your manufacturing processes. Now you’ll be able to exceed the new ENERGY STAR® standards and still maintain your competitive edge.

The Comfort Select family of residential low-emissivity coated glass products is part of the AGC global technology platform, backed by a history of real world applications.

Luxclear™ Protect is a coated glass product developed to protect the surface of the glass by preventing corrosion due to contaminants related to water, heat and high humidity. Unlike aftermarket products, the Luxclear™ Protect coating fuses with the glass and permanently seals the glass surface so it will remain clear and new looking for the life of the product.

AGC’s exclusive Solarshield product family offers high-quality tinted products for the commercial and residential markets, as well as the automotive sector. Available in an array of beautiful colors, these tinted glass solutions create an attractive exterior appearance while increasing air conditioning efficiency and comfort, reducing glare, and offering unobstructed views. Made using the float process, Solarshield tinted solutions offer perfectly flat, parallel surfaces and lend themselves to many processing options including single glazing, insulating glazing, tempering, and enameling.

Imagin glass delicately balances translucency and privacy by featuring a design and texture on one (or both) sides of a clear glass sheet. Perfect for doors, shower enclosures, and partitions where privacy is desired, but without restricting the natural flow of light. Choose from an array of geometric or nature-inspired patterns available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes.

With its high-quality acid-etched satin-finish, Matelux strikes the delicate balance between offering privacy while letting in light. Soft to the touch, this translucent glass also comes in a double-sided version, ideal for doors and room dividers. Professionally processed like regular float glass in large sheets to ensure uniformity and continuity results in a homogeneous grain and finish, making it the preferred material to add visual impact to both interior and exterior spaces.

Matelac is float glass covered on one side by high-quality paint and acid-etched on the other side. Available in 20 trendsetting colors, the satin look of Matelac combines seamlessly with its glossy alter ego, Lacobel, enabling designers to play with combinations shade-by-shade.

Available in 10 trending colors, this back-painted float glass is covered on one side with a high-quality paint to create a uniform satin-finish that can be used in exterior and interior applications while maintaining very little indoor emissions of VOCs. Matelac T allows fabricators to immediately cut and heat-treat at their processing plant to result in a true enameled glass.

Lacobel is clear float glass covered on one side by high-quality paint. Available in 20 trendsetting colors, the Lacobel glossy back-painted glass range features an attractive palette of contemporary colors. The glossy look of Lacobel combines seamlessly with its satin-finish alter ego, Matelac.

Float glass covered on one side with a high-quality back-paint that must be heat-treated, making Lacobel T a true enameled glass. Lacobel T is the first back-painted glass range that can be immediately cut and tempered by fabricators at their plant, simplifying the production process and accelerating the delivery times. Available in 10 trendsetting colors, this glass is strong, safe, and highly-resistant to heat, thermal shock, and UV, so it’s suitable for use in interior and exterior applications.

In an ever-changing industry, you need the ability to adapt quickly. We believe that in order to provide your customers with the best products, you need a partner who can offer you the most options and flexibility. AGC Residential Fabrication offers a wide selection of insulating glass units outsourcing options to help you stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

Clear float glass is a beautiful, versatile choice when specialty glass is not needed. Clear solutions from AGC offer a wealth of product benefits including outstanding clarity, excellent color neutrality, and high levels of visibility and light transmission. Versatility is the reason why Clear float glass is the glass of choice for applications in the construction, decoration, automotive, and high-tech sectors.