Purevision™ – Low-iron glass with a nearly colorless appearance

The world as it should be seen, through AGC Purevision glass.

Purevision is a low-iron glass that offers heightened color accuracy and the most attractive low-iron glass edge on the market. Maintain the optimal aesthetic of your design with Purevision’s consistent, nearly colorless appearance and enhanced light transmittance for interiors that flourish in natural daylight.

The premier choice for commercial and residential exterior and interior applications, Purevision glass is a design-driven, economical solution for architects and designers alike. With a light transmittance of 91% at 3-6m and a high color rendering index, Purevision transmits a superior quality of light and color-neutrality for storefronts, shower enclosures, shelving, rail infill, glass entrances, and thriving internal environments.


  • Excellent clarity and consistency of appearance maintains interior and exterior design aesthetic
  • Attractive, Icelandic blue glass edge for a sophisticated finish on frameless applications
  • Enhanced light transmittance of 91% at 3-6mm for superior natural lighting and heightened well-being for building occupants
  • Can be glazed, etched, bent, laminated, painted, tempered, silk-screened, and insulated to your specifications
  • High color rendering index allows objects viewed through Purevision to appear natural and color-accurate
  • Is available in various standard thicknesses and remains color neutral throughout


  • Glass curtains
  • Storefronts and all-glass entrances
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Wall systems
  • Partitions
  • Rail infill
  • Furniture
  • Shower enclosures