The Glassroom

All About Anti-Corrosion Glass

As glass is made from sand, it contains sodium in large quantities. When water enters in contact with sodium, it
progressively damages the surface of the glass, giving it a whitish aspect that cannot be cleaned away. This is corrosion.

The corrosion from hidden contaminants in hot water, heat, and humidity can give glass a dull and dirty appearance,
which can be hard to eliminate. In fact, it will also only worsen over time. Innovative new anti-corrosion glass products
can prevent these issues.

An anti-corrosive coating can keep glass from getting dirty or damaged by contaminants, particularly from water in
humid spaces like shower and hot tub enclosures, spa spaces, pools, or car washes. Glass treated with this coating will
maintain its shine and like-new appearance long after it has been installed.

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